How Long Does Waxing Last?


Probably the biggest appeal about waxing is that wonderful feeling of silky smooth to the touch, stubble-free skin for much longer compared to shaving or hair removal creams. While traditional razors and creams might be cheaper alternatives, the results of these are not nearly as long lasting, or even as effective. Waxing on the other hand, is an excellent choice for those who prefer to enjoy silky; skin for weeks at a time; rather than just a few days. It also reduces the risk of constant ingrown compared to shaving, and completely cuts out the chance of other skin damaging nuisances like scrapes, cuts or chemical burns to the skin.
waxing last up to 6 weeks


As an average rule of thumb, you can expect your wax to last for several weeks, up to six weeks. Keep in mind everyone’s individual results will vary based on a few things. 

The Length of time your results from waxing may last is dependent on a couple of variables. First, the natural rate at which your hair grows will play a big part in the length of time your skin will remain hairless. Everyone’s hair growth rate is different, so it’s wise not to compare your own results to someone else’s, with high expectations of having a specific outcome be identical to another. Other factors such as your age, genetics, and hormones also have significant effects on the speed of hair regrowth.

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Another factor to consider would be the area that you waxed. Every part of the body has a different hair growth rate and therefore the length of time your waxing may last won’t be the same all over. For example, the hair under the arms take longer to grow back in than the hair on your legs. So there’s no reason to be disappointed or alarmed if you notice that hair in a certain area is resurfacing while another area may still be bare. 

It’s also worth noting that beginners wax more often than their experienced counterparts. You may need a few sessions before noticing longer lasting results in-between waxes. Realistically when you’re first starting, the areas you’ve waxed may not remain totally bare within the full duration between your initial waxing session and your next session. Depending on how long it takes for your hair to grow back in the areas you’ve had waxed, you’re likely to see some regrowth come in a bit earlier than expected. This may be more obvious for those who have thicker, coarser and more stubborn hair types on the body. Say for example you just waxed about 2 weeks ago, and now you can see and feel some new growth. This is normal, and should start to slow down the more you keep up with your sessions.

The great news is that as you ease into a routine of regularly waxing, you’ll begin to reap the benefits of longer lasting periods with that smooth and silky skin you love. After a couple of waxing sessions, don’t be surprised to notice your hair doesn’t grow back as quickly as it used to. In fact, the reason for this is due to the weakening of the hair follicle over time. Hairs are being pulled up directly from the root, causing damage to the follicles, which drastically slows down the time for regrowth to begin. You can expect the hair to grow back thinner, finer and much slower. In some cases; hair may never grow back at all; as the hair growth process could cease altogether.


For the bikini area, the lasting power of your wax is dependent on the same factors that we went over above. The average length you can expect your bikini wax to last is about three to four weeks. However; this is just a general rule of thumb; as every individual is different, waxing on a routine schedule will help you maintain a nice and smooth, finish for several weeks at a time. Don’t forget to follow up with proper aftercare to maintain the best results.


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