Politique d'expédition

The Customer has the possibility of placing an order online from the headings “catalogue” or any other headings allowing access to the Product catalogue, within the limits of the available inventory.


The different steps are as follows:


- Selection of the article or articles to be ordered to add them to the shopping cart. Eventual capture of an offer code to benefit from a price, gift or promotion. The Customer, at any time, may verify the details and the content of the shopping cart and the corresponding price and proceed with any useful change.

- Saving the order. The order may be saved on the Site only if Customers are clearly identified with their customer account with their ID and password.  New Customers must create an account by capturing a valid electronic address and a password (personal and confidential) that subsequently will be used to identify themselves on the Site. In all cases, it is mandatory to provide the personal information necessary for processing and delivery of the orders.

- Selection and validation of the delivery method.

- Selection and validation of the terms of payment, among those that are proposed.

- When the order is confirmed by the Customer by clicking the “Validate my order/Validate my shopping cart” button, the Customer declares the acceptance of the completeness of these General Terms of Sale.  Moreover, PRCND provides the Customer with a copy of the order on a durable medium, confirming the express commitment of the Parties.


Once the order is saved, a detailed acknowledgement of receipt of the order is sent to the Customer’s electronic address.  This acknowledgement of receipt recapitulates all of the items constituting the order, including the exact amount invoiced and the terms of delivery.


It is specified that the acknowledgement of receipt of the order will in no case serve as confirmation of the availability of the product or products ordered or validation of payment of the order.


Any order represents acceptance of the prices and descriptions of the Products and Services available at the time of sale.


An order is deemed to be made on the website and the General Terms of Sale and warranty accepted once the buyer has validated the payment.  The buyer acknowledges that the data saved by PRCND and the secure payment provider constitute proof of the nature, content and date of the order.


At any time, you may download the general terms of sale applied to our order.  They particularly include the cancellation policy and the right of access, rectification or withdrawal of personal information.  You can reach us at 9101 Rue du Parcours, Anjou, Québec H1J 2Y1, telephone: 514-327-6734, in Canada: 1-800-263-2473, info@happywaxing.ca, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. except on statutory holidays.


Mandatory checkoff of the General Terms of Sale and Warranty for validation of their approval by the Customer and clicking to proceed with payment via the secure payment site constitute an electronic signature that has the same value as a handwritten signature, and an irrevocable acceptance without reservation of the order and its terms by the buyer. 


The sale will be considered final only after the sending to the buyer of the order confirmation by PRCND and receipt by PRCND of the price in full.


In case of default of payment, and/or a wrong Customer address, and/or any other problem inherent in the Customer's account, PRCND reserves the right to block the Customer’s order until resolution of the problem.


PRCND also reserves the right to cancel any order of a buyer with whom a dispute exists prior to payment or for any other legitimate reason, particularly regarding the abnormality of the order (high amount, particularly greater than $300 AT). In case of doubt, PRCND reserves the right to ask the Customer to communicate to it by fax or email a copy of a piece of identity and/or proof of domicile.


For the tracking of the order in progress, Customers may consult their inbox, or an email will be sent automatically at each order processing step, or consult the customer account, under the “My account” heading, and track these same indications. The Customer may also contact Perron Rigot Canada directly via the contact information communicated under the “Contact” heading of the Site.