Conditions d'utilisation

The site (hereinafter called the “Site” is an e-commerce site accessible via the Internet at the following address:


It is published by the company: Perron Rigot Canada inc.,

whose head office is located at 9101 Rue du Parcours, Anjou, Québec, H2J 2Y1 (hereinafter called “PRCND”).


These General Terms of Sale exclusively govern sales of PRCND products made via its website and only to non-merchant consumers (hereinafter called the Customer(s)). They are systematically accessible on this Site by the buyer at the time the order is saved. Consequently, by placing an order, the buyer is deemed to accept, without any reservation, the general terms of use of the Site and the sale, excluding any other terms present in prospectuses, catalogues issued by PRCND and, in particular, those applicable for in-store sales or by means of other distribution and commercialization circuits.


The sale of PRCND products on this Site is exclusively reserved for the end consumer, that is, any natural or legal person not acting as a merchant and having the legal capacity to contract. Consequently, orders from professionals will not be honoured by PRCNDPRCND. In this regard, PRCNDPRCND reserves the right to cancel any abnormal order, such as an order for quantities of products exceeding a consumer's normal needs or abnormal order flows to the same billing and/or delivery address.


Moreover, PRCND products are intended to be sold only in the PPRCND distribution network.  Consequently, it is forbidden for Customers or consumers who buy PRCND products on its website to sell, buy or provide as gifts PRCND products for the purposes of their resale outside the PRCND distribution networks, particularly on websites.  Beyond infringement of trademarks or the integrity of PRCND products, such actions may be of such nature as to incur the civil liability and, as applicable, the penal liability of their perpetrators.


PRCND and the Customers hereinafter are defined collectively as the “Parties” and individually as the “Party”.


PRCND reserves the possibility of changing these General Terms of Sale and warranty at any time, and the content of the information disseminated on the Site, at any time and without notice, it being understood that the changes made will not be applicable to the orders validated by the Customer and accepted and confirmed by PRCND.


The Customer acknowledges having studied and accepted the terms and conditions of these General Terms of Sale (hereinafter the “GTS”).  The GTS express the obligations of the Parties in their entirety. The Customer is deemed to accept them without reservation


They are accessible on the Site and will take precedence, as applicable, over another version or another contradictory document.  It is specified that the Customer has the possibility of saving and/or printing the GTS, on condition of not making any change thereto.